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Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world
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di Sergio Mauri

As you probably already know, Trieste has a lot of interesting things to see and is a place where you
can go to relax as well as to learn something more about history or arts. You are even free to look for
the local nightlife, if you like it. If you are shopping oriented, you have many places to go and invest
your money, as well as good restaurants to go and eat.
But, now, we just want to advice you about some places you can easily reach from the Casa Vacanze.
For instance, you can take the funicular “the Tram of Opicina” and arrive at the obelisk in Opicina.
From there you can enjoy the stunning panorama just walking along the Napoleonica trail.
Anyway, if you want to stay in town, you can discover one of the most special topics of Trieste.
Therefore, you can explore the itinerary which touches local churches and temples that belong to
those religions which have been co-existing here for centuries. Hence, starting from the Rive – the
promenade on the seafront – you will pass the Greek-Orthodox church of San Nicolò; walking along
the Ponterosso canal you will admire the buildings in the eclectic and neoclassical styles. This will
bring you to the Serb-Orthodox church of San Spiridione, which cheek-by-jowel with the Catholic
church of Sant’Antonio. Then, go along San Francesco street and stop at the Synagogue.

Behind the temple you can find the San Marco Cafè, an historical triestine cafè. So, take a coffee over
Let’s go on. In town centre we can recommend you to visit the ancient Jewish ghetto, in which high
quality shops are to be found, alongside busy second hand dealers and typical pubs.
Of course, once again, we can recommend you to take your time to visit the Castle of Miramare, the
fascinating and romantic residence of Maximilian of the Habsburg’s and his wife, the Princess
Carlotta of the Belgians. After having visited the Castle, you can visit the park which sorrounds it.
And, once again, we can invite you to visit the residence of the baron Revoltella, which has been
turned into a museum with the adjacent Modern Art Gallery .

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