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Trieste-A Guide

Trieste-A Guide.

di Sergio Mauri Here there’s a summary of what I published previous days. Trieste-A Guide. Trieste-A-guideDownload Autore Sergio Mauri Blogger. Premio speciale al Concorso Claudia Ruggeri nel 2007; terzo posto al Premio Igor Slavich nel…

Teatro Verdi

Trieste as a movie set.

di Sergio Mauri Trieste has a great geographical location. Because of that and the diversity of its natural backdrops itis perfect for films, TV dramas, documentaries and advertisements. It could be considered one of the“city…

Teatro Verdi

Trieste and its theatres.

di Sergio Mauri A very interesting topic of Trieste is that on theatres. Trieste has one of the highest percentage oftheatres to inhabitants in Italy. This town confirms its old and deeply rooted tradition theatre-goingand,…

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world

Walking around Trieste.

di Sergio Mauri This is a post, following others, that wants to suggest you what you can visit in our wonderful town,Trieste. Right in the morning you can reach and visit the Museo Sveviano, where…

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world

Trieste between science and nature.

di Sergio Mauri Trieste is a town composed by thousand of facets and colours, where you can find art, culture, natureand science. You will be surprised with the delightful countryside of the karst, by its…

Venezia Giulia

Discovering the Venezia Giulia area in 5 days.

di Sergio Mauri In this article we wish to provide you some useful information about the sorrounding of Trieste, calledVenezia Giulia. It is a sort of itinerary suggestions you can follow when you are visiting…

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world

Trieste, a place full of history.

di Sergio Mauri We could say that Trieste is a place where a successful and special type of melting-pot occurred.Effectively, in these areas historically bounding the Latin, Slav and German worlds, which sufferedinvasions, but also…

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world

Additional tips about visiting Trieste.

di Sergio Mauri As you probably already know, Trieste has a lot of interesting things to see and is a place where youcan go to relax as well as to learn something more about history…

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world

Trieste: shaping Vienna on the seafront.

di Sergio Mauri This is a story you could already heard about. But it is worth to be said again. Trieste, a sea town inthe heart of Europe, had its heyday under the Habsburg’s Empire….