Trieste, a place full of history.

Trieste a peculiar case recalling the "Kakanic" world
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di Sergio Mauri

We could say that Trieste is a place where a successful and special type of melting-pot occurred.
Effectively, in these areas historically bounding the Latin, Slav and German worlds, which suffered
invasions, but also enjoyed trade. So, we can find many traces of the numerous people who have lived
here. Trieste is a town which is the symbol of this cosmopolitan mixture, has made the most of its
wealth by this topic. Actually, the meetings and exchanges of people of different origins and
languages, has become the town’s fortune. We can also say that Trieste is pretty different from the
other italian towns. Evidence of this heterogeneous character are the buildings with different
architectural styles, from liberty to neoclassic, and churches dedicated to the various faiths, from the
Serb-Orthodox to the Jewish Synagogue.
Even the cuisine of Trieste is very interesting, having its roots in the fusion of the German, Slav,
Hungarian, Viennese, Greek and Italian gastronomical traditions. The result of this food melting-pot
of styles and tastes can guarantee a fascinating world that has to be discovered, taking you through
the paths of gastronomic delights along the streets of the town centre.
Triestine people usually say “good company and good food”, as a sort of leitmotiv, a philosophy of
life which is able to reflect the vast culinary offer for people with different tastes, preferences and

Sergio Mauri
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