Usa and China: where to go?


It’s a difficult moment. Frictions between USA and China are getting, step by step, worser, day by day. Now (last days) China is devaluating its renmingbi to counterattack mr. Trump policy. What is the foreseeable future telling us?
It says there will be no peace in the social and economic fields, likely for the next months or years. Even the HK$ (of course!) is going down.
Next January the ECB will cut its Quantitative Easing, so one more problem for the international economy will affect us. The ECB says European economies have to settle their problems and become able to walk alone, with no financial helps. This is the contrary of what is going on in China. So, this is no a balacing issue.
It is too early for a political balance, anyway we can say right now everybody will pay for that behaviour.

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