Priorities of the Empire.


Who’s writing is doing it from Italy, one the centres of the european Empire indeed. Italy’s submitted to the european financial rules and economical priorities. Italy’s not the leader country nor the most important in the continent, anyway one of them, in which its industry and service sectors are quite important . Its leadership is part of the european transnational leadership, anyway it is not the leading group of it, even if it is committed to keep on building social and economical structures which will shape the whole Empire’s body.

They are: less welfare, submission of the labour laws to the needs of capital’s reproduction, I mean valorization, every social service privatized: these are the aims european ruling class has to achieve in order to clarify class relationships in the next years. USA is behind stage to take advantage and positioning itself at the best in the global competition.

We can define three chapters that can be called “priorities”, which will cause troubles all over the mainland and will affect working class daily life next years:

1-Fiscal Compact; for Italy it means, from 2015, 50 billion € per year of cuts and more taxes to support financial core business and interests. At the end of current year a Fiscal Compact definition date is coming.

2-Imperial visions and war issues which are strictly connected with crisis and global competition.

3-Worldwide competition, which means with USA, China and (less) Russia, that will affect everything else all over the world.

Is the international working class awared about it, and, if it is, is it able to face this enormous challenge? I do not know. Anyway european economical landscape will change soon.

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