My opinion about the #Occupy Movement.

Occupy Movement
Occupy Movement

The occupy movement is also known as we are the 99% movement. The we are the 99% movement means we are (nearly) everybody oppressed and poor victims. Those remaining people, the 1% of liars, thieves and dirty oppressors, are composed by few bankers, entrepreuners, chief of State, sadistic tycoons and so on…are the executioners. It sounds me false.

First point: it is a populist slogan, not a new one, which allows everybody to identify with it. Any type of populist regime, above all the right wing ones, used these issues to darken social and cultural differences, keeping unchanged the basic reasons of that difference. Yet, I can tell you this is a maoist slogan (I clearly remember Mao’s issues) proposing an alliance between many different classes and interests against imperialist bourgeoisy. So, the good side (99%) against a bunch (1%) of fucked up criminal minds.

Second point: here in Italy we have a populist movement (truely right wing inspired) who’s leader is Beppe Grillo, that is perfectly fitting this topic. As a matter of fact he is talking nicely about the 99% movement.

Third point: are you sure among the 99% of the people there are no supporters of Israeli politics, neo-colonial engagement, petty (or quite big, let me figure it out!) investors in the Wall Street fucking (free!!)  market, supporters of profit system (do they usually say what do you have against profit?), consumerists who buy those fucking commodities including cars (global warming and pollution?)? All in all, people who are so far from a safe and sane relationship between mankind and nature, AND very close to the 1% behavior that is generating this global mess.

Fourth point: so now, the 99% is not the same anymore: it’s the 15 or 20% . This percentage is what it is: rapresents the minority of the international human society. We hope the best part of it. No, the 99% is not that because the 99% of people are not on the reasonable, right side of the topic. They really don’t know what’s wrong and how to change, they’re not ready for a change yet.

Is my willing to destroy culturally (but I’m not able to do it) this movement? No: I’m trying to say that it has to be much more focused to the right point which is a global change in our culture. In order to do it we have to overtake this system established on profit.

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