Illusion. A plot.

The great illusion. A fancy plot. This is misleading about the fight between China and Usa or between China and the West. Or about democracy and dictatorship. What is democracy, what is dictatorship? Who are ruling in the West? People with power and money. Who are ruling in China? Please, respond.
Why playing along nations, communities? The reason is explained by the old maxim: divide and rule.  We mean divide and rule nations, communities, classes…. People don’t have to feel community of interests, don’t have to share willings, don’t have to live in harmony. They have to fight. Always. They have to be one against another; they have been taught to behave that way.
At the same time the international ruling class is making agreements to take advantage on their counterparts, anyway they’re on the top or bottom their social position. Like in a chess match they are just thinking to move the right chess. War, in these days, is not allowed to make money. War is not a hot issue in the agenda.
Furthermore, these times are misleading by religion and ideology. Religion, which is very similar to ideology, because based on faith not on empirical evidence, is as vacuum as dangerous. Religion is, as we already saw, able to provoke tons of deads around the world. Everything is justified under this point of view: if you are the true believer you are allowed to do what you like. No ethics or humanitarian barriers are involved: religion is the ethics and is concerning human being and its boundaries. On the other hand ideology is false awareness. We can say It is a type of faith and generates a feedback very close to faith. Fanatics in politics matters are behaving like crazy dumbs assholes as usual. They can damage everything they touch. Because they are right, you are not! When you, western, think about your western block of nations you think, of course, you, we, they (the nations) are the best everybody have ever seen. The best world, the best society, the best economy. You haven’t ever thought you could be part of the worst culture in the world. Ok, don’t think it, sleep !

One more issue to support our statement about the misleading plot is: the anarchists are in power now. Power is total freedom, leadership is anarchist:, in the way they can choose their moves without explainig anything. Therefore they are the true anarchists. Those crazy anarchism supporters who will blame you for having pronounced this heresy are misleadid: they don’t know anything about life as someone who’s in love with the concept of love instead of a true man/woman.

Yet: the decline of the West. I think it is presumed and slowly affecting the whole world and is actually a world’s decline, because the world is capitals leaded. The majority of the worldwide money amount is still here, in the west, and the others need them.

Last but not least the issue of false friends that we could call smoke and mirror matter. So, people supporting the friction theory are claiming that leftists and rightists are on different sides of the matter.  We don’t think so. If leftists think they can improve the world, the same do the rightist who think we can improve our world just going backward. So, it is not a problem of what you think but of what you do, in our society, in our economy. Human relations are much more important than strikes, words, politics. Human relations are politics !

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