How the quarantine changed my way to interact with e- commerce? (If I had one).


di Sergio Mauri

In order to face this topic I go straight to the point.

For what matters to me, the quarantine changed my average willing to interact with e-commerce that actually was poor even before this situation.

I did not make any order on any e-commerce platform.

The reason why my interacting with e-commerce is quite poor is because: one, many goods I need are available in real shops and, two, e-commerce giants are collecting too many personal datas they’re using for unclear reasons excepting making money on us.

So, I have to use regular shops to buy food and I usually pay cash or by credit card.

Now; the small hospitality business I manage is shut: no travellers at my doors and, as a matter of fact, no arrangements to understand how to deal with them in case they came, have been seen or read by the City Hall of Trieste. And that’s not good. So, what I can say is that travellers don’t use e-commerce to book their travels, but for canceling their reservations.

For these reasons, I think worldwide economy will face a big slump and solutions will be difficult to be found. Our chances for the future are: more debt or more poverty. Make your choice now!

Therefore, my priorities now are mainly two:

number one; to take care of my wife and my mother;

number two; to study, in order of achieving my school goal.

My wife is working at the City hospital: so I’m living this period as to be into a trench. We have to take precautions in addition to the ones taken by healthcare workers in their workplaces, in order to avoid possible contagion. Last but not least: visiting my mother and providing her food is a further contact with which, quote “real world” end of quote, is.

I have no time and interest to deal with e-commerce now, and don’t know if could be safe to interact with a carrier worker at  my door. You know, the virus is coming with people and goods, no real ways to avoid it. I’m not really scared, but a lot of provisions, many of which are contraddictory, have been widespread by the media.

About this issue: can you please explain me how you deal with carrier workers when they come to your home, in order to get what you ordered?

Anyway, what I’m deeply sure is that the Internet, the Social Industry and e-commerce giants will be strengthened by this crisis. Our world will become more machine friendly than human friendly.

Hoping you are well, I wish you all the best.

Sergio Mauri
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