About My Lai massacre.

As the Americans approached the village, some of the men murdered people working in the rice fields or walking along the roads. Once the soldiers entered the village, the killing became systematic. They exercised every imaginable form of barbarism. GIs threw hand grenades into homes and underground shelters. They herded large groups of people together and forced them to lie on roads or in drainage ditches, where they were executed en masse with automatic rifles. Other civilians were shot individually. Some Vietnamese were killed only after being clubbed, tortured, stabbed, and raped. Some GIs mutilated their victims after killing them. It was not a spontaneous spasm of violence. The Americans took their time. The massacre was almost leisurely, methodically carried out over a four-hour period. In the midst of the carnage, soldiers took breaks to eat and smoke.
Appy, C. 2015. American Reckoning. New York: Penguin Books. Page 146.
Therefore no doubt: no humaneness, no reasons. Nothing like: ok, we murdered some people, afterwards we stopped doing it. Imperialism is not human at all!
Further issue:
In the US , the My Lai massacre is painted as a unique atrocity commited by American troops against Vietnamese people that happened only at My Lai, when mass slaughter happened everywhere. My Lai was the one time they were caught by Western journalists and didn’t completely bury it.

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