A wannabe post: if I was a gallerist. What is East-West Art Gallery’s Safe Interchange Project?

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Hi everybody,

this is a fictional post. But……it could be true, a true project. So, we made our minds up to donate you this very interesting piece of wisdom. Do your best.

First of all we have to explain to all of you we are an Italian couple that has made its mind up to drastically turn its current life into a new life in which business opportunities are comprised. We have already been involved in business for a long time, mainly focused on tourism. Opportunities into which we would like to involve as many people as we can. Our project is about a new way to enjoy, share, collect and trade art for personal pleasure as well as for an investment asset. We are Italians and strictly involved in what people usually call Made in Italy or Italian Style. Italian art is a huge part of both of them and both of them are composed by quality, brilliance, talent, originality, creativity. At the same time we are passionate about Asian Art, and Chinese in particular. We love Chinese heritage as well as long tradition and deep roots in Art expressions.

One of the most worrying things for a collector, who doesn’t want to throw away her/his money, is not to buy something which is not going to be paybacked. So, the very first, basic thought for the average, and normal-minded, collector is about avoiding big mistakes buying a valuable piece of art.

This is the main reason why we made our minds up, as collectors as well as entrepreuners, to move to Hong Kong, in order to realize our personal dreams about art trading and collecting, in the safest way. Just to tell you the truth, and as written above, we have always been fascinated by Chinese and Asian arts, and wanted to build a bridge between cultures to realize the cultural interchange which is the very basis you have to contrive for then having tall humanmade creativity’s skycrapers. Hong Kong is the right place where we already have business contacts, a crossroads where cultures and people meet to enjoy life, to work hard, to share ideas and projects, to earn money and enhance their business.

What is East-West Art Gallery? 

East-West Art Gallery (afterwards EWAG) is an openminded and physycal space for artists who want to exhibit, promote and sell their artcrafts in Hong Kong. EWAG is a renting space characterized by fair costs and contracts. Prices can be mesured on a standard of 2 weeks of exhibition, as a single artist or in a sharing option, for a maximum of 3 artists per exhibition:

900,00 HK$ per day, including taxes and printed leaflets about presentation, email marketing and vernissage event.

How it works?

Our plan is going to be started in 2015, October, crowdfunding 30,000 $ to get to HK with some people like you, who are not just well-behaved people, but can even be partners. So, what is our offer?

1) Financing our project for, at least, 5,000 $, we are committed to provide you a no commissions agreement for the entire Gallery’s life, while a partnership option can be defined;

2) financing our project by a sum between 3,000 and 5,000 $, a 5 % commission will be fixed on every purchase/sell for the entire Gallery’s life;

3) 1,000 to 3,000 $ financing will set you at a 8 % commission on every purchase/sell for the entire Gallery’s life;

4) less than 1,000 $ financing will set you at a 10 % commission on every purchase/sell for the entire Gallery’s life.

Commissions include taxes and expenses and will be calculated on the good’s final price.

All financiers have and deserve to enjoy common right about the project they believed in: to be informed, as a part of the community, about art goods to buy and sell and have the priority on all processes. Financiers, without any difference, have the right – if not the obligation – which lasts three years to resell the art good to the Gallery, getting they money they payed, with no price alterations, reserve their cathegory right at the points 1, 2, 3 and 4 of our offer.

For people who are not included in the East-West Art Gallery community, commissions will be fluctuating from 12 to 15%, including taxes and expenses.

Other ways you can help:

Let your circle know that EWAG is growing, and we’re looking for new fans, community partners, and participating artists whoever they are. Spread the word about this campaign far and wide! It’s very easy to do that with social networks’ share tools! Spread the word to your favorite, charitably-minded local business – sponsorships, with naming opportunities, are available.



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