Thoughts about the new U.S. Presidency.


I’m very curious about this President. Is he a president or…something else?

No, I’m just joking. He’s the US President and is seriously changing the political landscape over there and, very – very – probably, all over the world.

However, I don’t feel very comfortable with his political vision. He promised so many things that the natural question now is: how many of them will he be able to accomplish/maintain? I perfectly know it’s normal, in politics, to say a lot of cockups, but the problem is he’s saying all these things within a still very powerful political boundary: the U.S..

We’ll see. He also would like to turn UK into the 51st U.S. State; see his proposals in economics to the attention of Theresa May.

Anyway, the main topic is about his ability (or disability) to break the political plot we’ve seen up to now, split into two fields: liberals and conservatives both focused on neoliberal politics.

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