Prostituirsi è una scelta?



Un quesito, molto politico concerne la presenza di un atto volontario oppure obbligato lungo la strada dell’entrata e della permanenza nel mondo del lavoro. Secondo una ricerca del professor Charles Hill si tratta di una scelta, ma in un certo modo obbligata dal mercato. Una scelta dettata da fattori economici.

Economics isn’t about money. It’s about understanding how people make decisions about what they do. This is as true in the movie Trading Places, an apparently very accurate depiction of commodity trading, as it is in sex work, an industry that has at various times and in various cultures been treated as a sin to be stamped out—or a service.

In particolare, la scelta viene fatta tra diversi tipi di lavoro ed  è soggetta alle problematiche della domanda e dell’offerta di un determinato servizio, tanto che, anche diminuendone (non soddisfandola) la domanda se ne aumenta contemporaneamente l’offerta.

Dr. Hill suggests that if sex workers are making a choice, then reducing demand side will paradoxically increase supply. He notes, if that supposition is true, “to them selling sex is a better economic option than their next best alternative, which might be waiting tables in a restaurant, working in a telephone call center, or subsisting on welfare.”

E, ancora,

Thus, reducing demand forces sex workers to drop their prices, requiring them to work more hours to achieve the same level of income, which increases supply. The lower price and greater availability provides an incentive for those considering purchasing sex services to enter the market.

Perciò, ancora secondo lo studio del dottor Hill, tutti gli strilli contro la prostituzione, il falso moralismo della nostra società non fa altro che confermarne la natura.

We see again that conservative aspects of society use morality as a tool to control sexuality, especially that of women, under the guise of providing a social good. And that the ways in which they exercise these tools consistently puts the weakest members of society at the greatest harm. A clear-sighted economic analysis suggests that specifically targeting pimps and traffickers, rather than clients and sex workers, and ignorning the consensually driven portion of the market, would produce something closer to the actual desired outcome.

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