Geek City Apocalypso, by Joe Pachinko.

Geek City Cover
Geek City Cover

This is not a book review. How could I make it? I’m one of the author’s friends and it could be read as a conflict of interests. I’m not Obama or part of the Bush’s clan, neither I’m a Clinton’s relative, nor a fucking lobbist, so I have to justify my personal position. A couple of days ago, just for joking, I was sending by email my greetings and compliments to Joe’s work: Geek City Apocalypso! And now, here I am, trying to write something on this “proof of existence in life” of the author and his inventiveness.

I know many things about Joe’s life as well as his clear, honest purposes. He’s not writing about something he doesn’t know (many authors do that!); he does not show off as a pimp trying to gain your attention. Forget it: he’s not cheerishing your head. Yet, if you don’t know that, he is a fine intellectual, great connaisseur of Nero D’Avola, well educated and able to recognize literature and art outstandigs. Which is not very common. Even if I’m a friend of his I have to tell something about this book I read some months ago.

This book is true life, a fucking gripping novel, where people are nude as they are and have to be, even if we, usually, dress them in honorable feelings, toughts or aims. People do what they do best. They’re just trying to survive this shitty buttfuckland the best they can. Human being are not fine or lovely, they just could kill you to survive a war and eat your fucking stinky butt instead of respecting your holy life. These is the far boundary of human behaviour, you know it could happen. These themes are present in Joe’s consciousness and about this truth he wants to write. And, of course, as his publisher says, this work is

by turns poetic, blunt, and hallucinatory. Geek City Apocalypso is a tragi-comic elegy to lost love set in the grungy underbelly of turn of the millenium San Francisco. A roller coaster meditation on life, love, and existence that takes you from Tenderloin residence hotels to corporate cubicle farms and back.

Yet again, he knows how people face culture and, within it, books; he knows what’s the average people attitude when opening a book:

I don’t want to read anything that I haven’t read already before.” If they read something new, they shit themselves, they don’t know what to think, they get confused and  their brains get constipated and they end up blowing their soul out of their ass….or something.

So, what I can tell you is to read and enjoy this book that is the result of true lived life and a high, sophisticated level of personal culture.

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Classe 1965, musicista, informatico, storico e filosofo. Vivo e lavoro a Trieste.

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