Something more on Aesthetics.


Aestethics, as we already underlined, gives people the awareness about the cultural category of value. This is a system able to organize concepts and ideas about what you see, touch and value in Arts. It changes by history, location, cultural heritage which is in itself a combination of time and place. There’s nothing in human concerns that does not change. Sometimes we could consider the cultural category of value like an attempt to stop evolution in minds as well as in human life. An attempt to crystalize a situation into a method which is supposed to last many years or decades. This target is, of course, pure fancy.

At the contrary, we are concerned that judgments have to follow changes and be ready to adapt themselves to the news. There has to be a system to verify what’s true and what’s false; what’s new and what’s old; what is valuable and what is not.

Some lines above we wrote that people could consider the cultural category of value like an attempt to stop human path. Now we’d like to go deeper and deeper, in order to explain in which sense the establishment of a cultural category means to block human path. The explanation is in itself: everytime you build mental categories or boundaries, as well as any kind of borders in culture, you are just diverting your freedom and capacity of thought and choise. Furthermore, you are putting them into a totally unuseful and unsincere bin.

Anytime you stop the free flow of creative thinking you are entering a cage.

There’s a further contraddiction and it is between the need to rationalize, setting a system to analize reality, and the need to think freely.

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