Hillary Clinton, the man who ruled America.


Any given day I see Obama on TV reports talking about how to change America’s future. At the same time I deeply feel he’s not truly managing America. He’s just talking, just chilling out…singing, dancing… I thought HE was the first lady.

This morning I’ve seen a TV report on Afghanistan, where she – Hillary – suddenly appeared and met Afghan officials and talked about local situation, state agreements going on there. Obama seems to be just a delicate facade for all that. Hillary and her entourage are a big political deal concerned about the money system  survival. Just naive people could think she’s doing something for the poors, homeless and starving people all over USA.

She acts like a man. She’s a stark, consistent official. A liberal one, of course: this assumption can relieve your pain. This is the top rated type of behaviour we can afford in this society. Do you truly think she’s able to feel close to the poor black and white single women who grow up their babies with low incomes or no assests or to the homeless when she organizes conventions about investor opportunities all over the world? Are feminists able to explain that? Do you really think she could be able to solve their problems when she just would have to give her money to build houses and hospitals and she’s not doing it at all?

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