About the BOAO Forum for Asia, held from last April 8th-11th.


The following report has been delivered to me from a reporter o mine, who followed this important Forum. It has been very important for China, first. Then for Asia, of course. Anyway: what really said the Chinese President over there? Here it follows:

This is a summary of Chairman Xi’s Boao Forum speech. The main points are: 1. Globalization is the irreversible trend. The Cold War mentality and zero-sum game is outdated. Either a country or a nation has to follow the logic of the history advancement and the trend of the time if it wants to revive. 2. In the globalization process, it is extremely important to build a community with a shared future for mankind. The community with a shared future for mankind can be described as 5 world: the world of lasting peace, the world of general safety, the world of mutual prosperity, the world of openness and tolerance, and the world of clean and beauty. 3. China will hold on to and further deepen its reforms and open policy. China’s reformation and openness is the second revolution.

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