This is a different post, compared with my usual committment.

The reason why I’m writing about Prince’s death is simple: for a long time I’ve been a musician, and now I want to pay a homage to the man and musician he has been. I played, among other things, as classic repertoire as well as contemporary pop,  some songs of  Michael Jackson, but haven’t ever played anything about Prince. However, I’ve always been a good listener, especially of him.

He was a musical genius and a very good instruments’ player. Dying at 57 is really awful. We even know that there’s something about drug addiction, tha caused his death, and this is on him responsibility, of course. Anyway, 57 is horrible, especially if you think about the genius he was. It is even unfair.

Life is not fair (often) and is not a bed of roses, we know it.

He has been able to merge new technologies into black music heritage (James Brown as first), and to explore new boundaries, in arts. He, furthermore, connected theatre and music, giving this new art product a shape as if it was a form of total art, on the way of the best western culture’s path. And, last but not least, he has been able to sorround himself by a lot of good players, which is the guarantee of a success.

R.i.p. Prince Rogers Nelson.