Trapped in the Empire of Nothingness.


[A little fiction for you, a short dystopian tale by me, so you can study some english for good]

O’ you dirty anti-technocratic, anti-consumption idealogue, and duck fucking blueprint for future humans…!

Your fucking famous convicted criminal German friend here. Yes, I am so famous that I was sentenced to 8 days hard labor on the San Jose chain gang beginning Nov. 15th. Didn’t you know it? I will have many many many stories to tell you about the American court system (my trial was last wednesday) I feel like Dostoevsky but luckier.

I just translated my last six F.L.A.C.O.N.S. columns. Remember I’m not using Fecesbook so I didn’t know I wrote so many. About Pasolini, yes! yes! I find that everything I read by Pasolini I agree with, STRONGLY. I have to thank you and my friend  Marilla in Lombardy for making me look at Pasolini more closely and realizing now how important in Italian culture he is. Americans pay no attention to his work, of course, stupid brainwashed motherfuckers. And I must add that this consumerist fascism ideology has been most strongly promoted and exported by the fucking U.S.A. Consumerism is synonymous with America etc. So, yeah, I love Pasolini now. I’m going to try to find an english translation of his poetry. I just saw “Nights of Cabiria” and “Salo”, WOW! The shit eating scene in “Salo” where they are sitting very elegantly around the table eating turds is fucking AMAZING. Nobody would film that, even now. Pasolini had some big motherfucking balls. And he said it was his commentary on modern processed food. HA! I always say the same thing, we’re eating shit! Pasolini was a total bad-ass and I think he really loved Italy….so they killed him.

O.K. but I have a Pasolini question, I read that the Communists kicked him out of the party in 1949?, because he was gay. Is that true? I know he was still Marxist after that, also crazy etc….

I read the Verona piece. I like the idea of “Neo-Dada”. I wanted to see more pictures (because I am American and have a short attention span) but the descriptions made me want to see the pictures.

& I’m famous now, the solicitors in the firm I used are reading my book, true! And they lost my case in court….maybe because they read my work???? I don’t paint a very positive picture of myself, fuck it.

Can’t wait to get back to Italy. It will take longer now, I am hoping to leave in March ( if I don’t get put back in jail) I have to satisfy the Kafka-Orwell system here. Orwell wrote in 1984 “The future? Picture a boot stomping on a human face for all eternity.” I would add the Pasolini prediction “Picture the human race eating shit for all eternity.”

Power to the people,
turds for the rest,
Cool Hand Flaconian Sergio

** Se puoi sostenere il mio lavoro, offrimi un caffè **

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Classe 1965, musicista, informatico, storico e filosofo. Vivo e lavoro a Trieste.

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