The deranged culture.


The political climate in Italy is sinking everybody into a sea of perverted prejudice, hate, deep nescience. But our humble expertise, as a serious nation, does not allow us to have those fucking brutal yelling rhinos as in the USA. We’re humble, in the good side of the story as well as in the bad one. However, we can copy and receive orders by foreign governments, mainstream medias (above all), local institutions.

Profiteers are hunting preys, as political cowboys are manufacturing their ideological products. What they keenly hide is the western cause and involvement in this war. Yes, naturally we are having a war right here, but it has been declared, at least 25 years ago by the westerners and their Middle East allied, in order to redesign, for economical and political reasons, that world, and as a result, our world.

Bombing, slaughtering, killing thousands of civilians, invading some countries has been made under fake pleas. It is really idiot and weird to put Mr. Blair’s interviews, on italian newspapers, about terrorism. During the last 25 years westerners and their allied devastated 7 islamic countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Mali, Lebanon, just to stop writing here, because we don’t want to talk about other problems occurring in the Middle East, as the West Bank and Gaza open issues, or in North Africa.

Think about it just for a while: how could you feel if seven western countries (choose yourself which countries)  would have been hit by a coalition of african or asian countries belonging to a “superior culture”, restoring true values and son on? Do you really think you could not have been involved in a “strange” political movement or liberation army ? Are you really sure your feelings would have been friendly with these coalition members?

This is why Daesh is having a certain level of support among Sunnis and Shiites are seen as western supporters.

Now, that war is coming back to us.

In Italy there’s no concern about this plot, people are not really concerned about the manipulation currently going on. Mainstream medias, the ones which are mostly representing our government’s will, are plotting the link between immigration and terrorism. There’s no serious link to care about, of course, if you are honest to recognize that terrorists are part of an internal front and some of them are not 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants.

Bad days are expecting us.

Nobody will be the same anymore at their end.

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Sergio Mauri, classe 1965, storico, filosofo, musicista. Studiare meglio è un'iniziativa di istruzione condivisa e in continua evoluzione. Qui puoi trovare appunti, riassunti, schedature.

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