My point about the OBOR initiative.


The One Belt One Road initiative is going on in some countries, i.e. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others, instead of, say, Thailand . Thailand is geo-politically not interesting as other countries can be. However, not all the countries which, say, will be touched by the OBOR project will receive in the future a true benefit. Best benefits will be on the table where actual prices are not so high and revenues can be quite easily obtained. So, the eastern part of Europe seems to be more suitable for Chinese Investments in infrastructures. On the contrary western Europe is not. For instance Italy is not on that way: costs, rules and law limits are so huge and unsustainable that no one is going to project big deals in that country. France is not Italy, anyway, something similar is happening there, despite its diversity……if compared with Italy. 

However, Chinese needs for the OBOR initiative is to connect a huge market for its goods, for its factories. That’s not new and it’s not a mystery. We could say it is a one way road. Furtherly; how much money do China have to spend in order to realize this epochal project? Is it really the first aim for China or is one of a multilined bunch of priorities it has to face, a sort of manifold program of modernization which has to be reached out, but….anyway not easily to be achieved?

So, my point is: how much of the OBOR initiative is political propaganda and how much of it is a future that’s going to happen?

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