Mongolian clusterfuck.


Yeah, it is

a Mon****** Clus******* !!

That is, man.

Just want to ask you

what to do

in order you like me.

Hey friend, be good.

Hey, man

don’t bother me

I’m so pissed off,

don’t, don’t be an enemy of mine.

Be friendly and fuck you

grand-grand man.

I’m fooling around

in a piece of wrong

caged mind…

Do you mind if I…?

Don’t you mind if I …?

Would you be so kind as to…


massacre in the Middle East,

worst age for the West,

fuck man at your best.

The average brain capability

could understand

could contain…


Fuck the fucking fuck

dirty hole

stinky foot

bloody bastard, holy man.

Fucked your sister,

as a matter of fact.

Nothing to declare

on your relatives.

I’m blind, so they are.

Don’t shout at me,

be calm: canteen’s waiting for you

to drink.

Don’t panic

don’t waste your stupid scummy time.

I’m your faceless will:

I will you will:

so he does

and she’s a fucked up baby.

A pimp and a whore

toghether on a shore

facing my clangour

farting at your face

burping your soul

dirty human race

scratching my knees

your feet

fuck off mice

you will eat us die

fuck you mice

burn you everyone

fuck them up

by a brown grabbed pound

fuck you man

brother of mouse

mouse as a catbutt.

Fucked up you feel

you live and die

gathering my darkness.

Eyes on you,

fuck you up,

terrorize, frighten,

stage fright,

shitting my bed

sleep dirt he said

fucking maid

you lurch…

this is not a bed of roses !

I know this is a bed of blood and death

fuck you man and follow me…

into my grave.

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