Labour Day: to all immigrants; to all human beings.


Few things are perfect, but…..

Even if the fascists blame you, immigrants, as “refugees wearing golden watches and handling ultimate mobile phone types” or getting “35 € per day, instead of the Italians” we know – as socialists as well as many others – that this is a manipulation on your expenses.

Fake news are daily sorting on the surface as to brainwash us and make everybody fight one against the other.

Fascists intentionally forget that their own states – the ones they pay taxes and their pledge is about – bombed many of the countries you come from causing death, poverty, disease, starvation, social disintegration and permanent unrest.

They deliberately forget you are not here for sports, but for their responsability!

Therefore, we claim your alliance, to compose a big social and human front that is focused on solving the issues there are on the ground now and not to fight one against the other.

Few things are perfect, but…we -socialists and communists – stand beside you!

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