Have a good time, fucker.

Hey! You repulsive slimeballs,

& beautiful friends…

ah yes, the legacy of fascismo….I think we are living in it. The fuckers will not go away. I’ve been watching the Spanish riots, and the Greek riots, and now Italy has a strike? What I noticed about the “riots” is that the police are truly international. The same in every country. If you protest, they will beat the shit out of you. I think it has always been this way. Like if you stand up and say “Everybody love each other” they will kill you.
“We protest police brutality!”
“That’s against the law! BAP!”
“Yes, Police brutality is against the law!”
“No! Protesting police brutality is against the law! BAP! THWACK! THUD!”

And here it is the same. Life here is now lived out of a sense of desperate doom. Is it the same there in Italy?

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Sergio Mauri, classe 1965, storico, filosofo, musicista. Studiare meglio è un'iniziativa di istruzione condivisa e in continua evoluzione. Qui puoi trovare appunti, riassunti, schedature.

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