A letter to Russia Today and the Kremlin.


To: Russia Today Press Office press@rttv.ru

and to: President of Russia

My name is Sergio Mauri running a very small information blog in my town, Trieste (Italy). I inherited my family, among other things, the love for freedom and Russia. Russian people, in those times Soviet Union citizens, during the Second World War, helped us to restore freedom and progressive values all over Europe. This is what we cannot forget and we must remember.

In the ucrainian clashes occurred last months, I saw in my country the old, fake, usual media plot: Russia is the evil meanwhile the West is spreading democracy and freedon values all over our planet. This show is going on despite tha fact we have not been involved in a war in Siria and this is thanks to Mr. Putin.

Mr. Putin already commented what is a “phony pretext to invade someone“, comparing the ucrainian situation with the invasion of Irak and/or Afghanistan. An invasion which followed millions of murdered and injured people. Furthermore; people are still starving and their economies are bankruptcy. They call it a success!?

Western propaganda depicts Mr. Putin as ruling a fucking capitalistic terror state and, on the same hand, as a fascist, cheering far right wing groups (you know we have an “authentic” antifascist leadership here in Italy…..!); on the other hand as a soviet beaurocrat with a deep stalinist attitude and homesickness. The chaos rules under our skies!

Anyway, what I must tell you in order to make you understand what’s happening here, in the so called “freedomland”, a.k.a. the West, and to help you in being conscious and concerned about “our” leadership and media system, is what follows:

1-Western countries are involved in a deep economical crisis and are not able to see the end of it. Increasing masses of poors are starving; jobless people are increasing their numbers, day by day. The situation is getting worser and worser.

2-That’s why our information is a war on information, which is embedded at all. I have to follow your TV to know something different or to feel comfortable with what I hear or live. I know, you know, global competition is getting harder and harder, and western leadership (that’s my leadership) knows solely this way to go on ruling. That means, smashing its counterparts aside.

As I already wrote some lines above, Russia and Mr. Putin are depicted as they were true monsters, tyrants, the evil, the worst ever seen up to now. On this hand there’s a cold war renaissance with its “evil empire” rhethoric. On the other hand, just chaos: divide and rule attitude!

Anyway, I am very concerned Russia is not a perfect country; neither we live in a perfect country. I am nearly to call you, Russian Officials, to defend our world – and especially Europe – from the fascist (and nazi) threats, because our leadership gave up doing it! I will go on telling the truth among our people with relentless vigour, fighting fake attitude which belongs to western mainstream medias.

Best regards and wishes,

Trieste, August 6th , 2014

Sergio Mauri

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Sergio Mauri, classe 1965, storico, filosofo, musicista. Studiare meglio è un'iniziativa di istruzione condivisa e in continua evoluzione. Qui puoi trovare appunti, riassunti, schedature.

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