Online Advertising.


Good morning Sir,

I think all the events you described in your written piece have been revolutionaries. Anyway, I have to choose one that, in my opinion, is the most important. Here it is: native ads.

I have chosen it because, from a general point of view, this event accomplished the goal of stimulate people to desire something that actually is camouflaged. Generally speaking, people don’t know of having being targeted to desire these products. This happens for the property of the very true said: the best ambassador is the one who does not know he or she is. In this case the ambassador is the native ad.

My opinion on online advertisment is the same as for advertising in general. I think it is necessary for business, even if deceitful in some cases. I think we recognize, in an advert, one of our desires, and like in an online Casino, we pursue our way to satisfy them. I think we bid not money but our expectations and put ourselves at the mercy of fate. I think these kind of ads work very well on platforms where contents are “generalists”. I mean that these kind of platforms which host native ads like Buzzfeed, even Mashable and so on, allow people to read opinions and fast news, and even useful commentaries, but I think the interaction level is quite poor. It is likely the preferred place for trolls, where off topics and not requested comments propagate.  Differently, when you connect to an e-learning or, say, your online banking service, you haven’t been forced to do it, because it is your interest, your useful mission to accomplish. I think the generalist level is, for the advertisment industry, very important, that is for the reasons I explained some lines before this one. In the generalist level, where the interest is general, the advertisment industry has to find a way to mobilize users’ attention.