Chinese culture coordinata.

The important points that define Chinese culture are: The Yian Di and Huang Di, the origin of Chinese people; The spring and autumn period and the warring states period; The formation of Confucianism and other…


Prosthetics and 3D printing.

OPEN BIONICS AND THEIR HERO ARM. Tonight I’m going to talk about affordable technology and people affected with disabilities, in order to understand how technology can help those people in those situations. In particular, we…


Frictions and supply chains.

Chinese government says it does not care about Trump and his bully attitude. Chinese go straight: how is it possible to credit a person like Trump? On the other side Americans say Chinese are not…


What’s going on in the oil industry?

The oil is becoming, once again, the centre of our lives, of our economical development, our seeble future. Its increasing price is going to deeply affect all the economies, worldwide. And, not only the increasing…


Cannot stand I am among solipsists.

I cannot deal with all this shit. But it’s here, among us. I see a lot of solipsism around me.  I’m even one of them and I do not know what’s the deal with it….


It’s a fucking business.

The present world is, from East to West, closing itself and rising barriers. It’s not good. The old good days (if any of those were) are over and illusions have been definitively cleared up. In…


Further notes on the OBOR Initiative.

We are trying to understand if the OBOR initiative is really boosting a development in economies and political links around China. As we said, there is an economic issue and a propaganda issue going on…


Usa and China: where to go?

It’s a difficult moment. Frictions between USA and China are getting, step by step, worser, day by day. Now (last days) China is devaluating its renmingbi to counterattack mr. Trump policy. What is the foreseeable…


My point about the OBOR initiative.

The One Belt One Road initiative is going on in some countries, i.e. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and others, instead of, say, Thailand . Thailand is geo-politically not interesting as other countries can be. However,…