About My Lai massacre.

As the Americans approached the village, some of the men murdered people working in the rice fields or walking along the roads. Once the soldiers entered the village, the killing became systematic. They exercised every…

Marco Polo

Marco Polo and the Mongols.

We are seldom concerned about one important thing that occurred Marco Polo when he was hosted by the Emperor of China. So, why Marco Polo has become Marco Polo as we know him. The storytelling…


I was a good boy.

Wasn’t I? I grew up in an old style family. My parents used to tell me to be grateful with anyone who were taking care of me and my family. Sigh! They even taught me…


Basta dirlo!

Ammazziamo solo neri, dice il poliziotto che rassicura una donna (bianca) dicendole che loro ammazzano solo gente nera. Alla faccia della chiarezza! Dal Washington Post.


If we fart, the terrorists win!

Don’t fart, don’t fart, please. Hey guys. Don’t tell anyone, the economy is fake. I think more of us realize now that governments exist only to interfere with us and fuck us up. Liar, everybody….


My friend.

Ah my British novelist cunt friend! I want to thank you for translating me into Italian! Incredible! It is a gigantic compliment for me. (And a lot of work for you.) It is a FIRST!…


Artificial Intelligence and Gamification.

We have to start by telling what is gamification. Gamification is the application of game principles and design in non-game contexts. These techniques are usually used to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, learning, crowdsourcing, recruitment,…